Kaizen Event Documents
Word Document Team Charter:
A team charter sets out the scope of the process that will be undergoing the kaizen, establishes the goals and objectives of the event, identifies any work that must be completed prior to the event, and identifies the team members.
Word Document Sponsor Contract:
The Sponsor Contract specifies responsibilities of the individual who has agreed to sponsor and support the team.
Word Document Event Preparation Checklist:
The preparation checklist itemizes the activities necessary to plan, conduct and follow-up an event.
Word Document Event Agenda:
A kaizen event consists of Training; Mapping & Evaluating; Defining New Process; Implementing New Process; Celebration & Report Out.
PDF Document Team Ground Rules:
Team members must be willing to abide by these important ground rules.
Lean Guides
PDF Document Lean Government Primer
PDF Document Lean Starter Kit
Lean Reading
PDF Document Iowa Case Study
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