Lean Tools



  • A highly focused, action oriented event
    • Clear objectives,
    • Measurement focused,
    • Data driven and fact based,
    • Uses creativity before capital
  • Five days in length
  • Empowered team takes action to improve a specific process
  • The new process is designed immediately
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Conceptual training on:

Business Process Kaizen Standard Operations 5S

Kaizen Methodology Tools and Techniques

Review charter

Map current process

Map current process

Measure and analyze current work process

Formulate process improvements

Continue to formulate process improvements

Create and map new process

Continue mapping new process

Establish standard work results

Document new standard operation

Present results and celebrate!


  • Methodology to create a new service, product or process
  • Applicable to any high-value project that needs a significant amount of new design
  • Strong emphasis on capturing and understanding the customer and organization needs


Mapping of many processes that are part of an overall theme or value stream (ex: DNR-Groundwater and all the programs that work with groundwater) from a 30,000 foot level to show where gaps or overlaps are in programs and services.  Each individual value stream map will entail at most 15 steps.  Value Stream mapping will be used as a strategic planning tool and will give agencies a plan to work off of for typically 3-5 years, but can be used for shorter time frames such as 1-3 years.


A process and method for creating and maintaining an organized, clean, high-performance workplace

  • Enables Waste Identification
  • Promotes Employee Satisfaction
  • Enables Standard Operations
  • Enables Visual Control