Iowa State Government has been utilizing Lean methodology since 2003, resulting in increased efficiencies, improved communication and a culture change to one of continuous improvement. The Lean Facilitator Training program has been developed in order to build capacity for Lean in Iowa State Government.

Objectives of the Lean Facilitator Program:
The Lean Facilitator Training Program is designed to develop facilitators in:

  • The skill of continuous improvement

  • Understanding Lean methodology

  • Application of Lean strategies and tools

By building internal resources, agencies can more quickly adapt when changes occur, easily identify strategic improvement opportunities, improve planning efforts, increase understanding of their processes, and develop and leverage their employees in the implementation of improvements.

Competencies Required of a Lean Facilitator:
PDF icon Competencies of a Lean Facilitator

Expectations of Leadership and Facilitator:
PDF icon Expectation Overview Document

Nomination Form:
Download the following form to your computer, fill out the fillable-form questions, & then click "Submit by Email" in the top right corner of the form.
PDF icon Lean Facilitator Training Program Nomination